Camille Barreau

Department: Contextual Design

The Other One

This project is about the dialogue between an object and its mould, revealing the part that you know, and the part usually put aside afterwards. Seeing the original and the mould together reveals a narrative. This is what interests Camille Bulteau Barreau. She has never been sensitive to the functional focus of the industrial world and its perfect and anonymous products. They don’t tell a story; they reflect a performance-based production where speed is all that matters. Also, as mass-production becomes more and more complex, designers are forced to model the functionality early in the design process. There is no room for mistakes or surprises. It is all about control and money. For Camille, the value and creative power of errors in a production process can change people’s preconceptions. Why not embrace errors and let the process guide the design? The final result should be allowed to have flaws, or traces of mistakes.

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