Govert Flint

Prizes: Keep an Eye Grant Nominee, Gijs Bakker Award Nominee

Department: Contextual Design

Creatures with Creations and their Segregation of Joy

Although our bodies are evolved to move, we tend to design objects based on monofunctional use and posture. Furthermore, as technology takes over more functions that formerly required exertion on our part, we are left with a less useful body. We relegate our movements to leisure time. Movement becomes a choice and a lifestyle, segregated from our regular lives.
By observing dancers of the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Govert Flint found movements that can be applied daily. Full body movement correlates with feelings of happiness. And yet, we spend days sitting behind a computer. To make this more dynamic, Govert made an exo-skeleton chair that allows the body to move freely. Programmer Sami Sabik worked on the digital translation. Changing the body’s gravity point moves the mouse and to click, just kick a chair leg. With this chair, our bodies are once again functional, stimulating regular movement. After all, that’s what we were designed to do. — Keep an Eye Grant Nominee, Gijs Bakker Award Nominee


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