Penny Webb

Department: Contextual Design

Separate Togetherness

This project considers the role of technology within everyday life, questioning the screen-based environment that has become second nature within society. As a critique and solution, the research looks at potential alternatives to embedded computing, specifically in the context of communication mediums. Penny Webb, along with technical expertise by research engineer Sami Sabik, examines materials, or ‘smart’ materials, and their possible relationship within everyday objects to redefine coded communication. This relates largely to ambience and peripheral awareness. By considering the physicality of materials, this project takes into account technical mediation of human interaction, relating to embodiment as a key component lacking in screen-based technology. Form is considered by questioning the technical components giving shape to communication platforms and the miniaturisation of components leading to more integrated connectivity. As all of these elements merge, Penny discusses new possibilities for design solutions in the context of mediated distance communication and ambient integration of technology within product design.

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