Raphael Coutin

Department: Social Design


Buildings influence our behaviour. They are where we live, work, eat. They are witnesses of the time when they were built.
But buildings do not last. The rapid changes in our society dictate an increasing need for adaptations. It is part of human nature to always re-think, re-shape, re-design the environment; it is our way of appropriating the world. During a construction process the site is hidden behind a fence. But when the site is physically changing and the future is uncertain, the space should be the centre of debate, a place for new ideas and interaction. The past and present should be analysed, understood, and transformed into a creative memory for a relevant future. Re-place is a project that addresses these issues. It takes the shape of a modular structure, constructed from the undesired building’s old doors and windows. A new, open type of fence to alert people to opportunities and interaction.

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