Stanley Sagart

Department: Social Design

Sustain Ability

Sustain Ability deals with the structural inability of consumerism today to offer a sustainable game plan for the production and distribution of consumer goods. Stanley Sagart has analysed the evolution of economic strategies throughout the twentieth century. He has come up with a model for production and distribution that is sustainable in terms of, firstly, the economic performance that is needed for a business to live on and generate the necessary employment; secondly, minimising dependency on raw materials without impairing economic performance; and finally, increasing the customer’s purchasing power. The result is an economic model that rationalises the needs linked to production and distribution, by crossing the incentives for both ends of the consumer chain. This creates social, economic, and environmental harmony. This model is then applied to the platform he will be launching, and dictates a model-specific range of furniture intended to produce user value and capital income for several hundred years.

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