Sophie Rzepecky

Department: Social Design

Hitchhiking through an Uncertain World

This project is a search, through design. To work on design as opposed to against it, to create
a strategy to interpret our most delicate life emotions. Sophie Rzepecky investigates the potential of madness as a creative concept and working method for design. Her exploration goes against rationality, as a way of incorporating naiveté, irrationality and hybridisation. Design in this context can be explained as the freedom of artistic liberty following the rationalism of functionality. It is at once a process and an outcome, a critique and a way of making nonsense experienced. Nonsense, irrationality, frustration, and vulnerability should all be encouraged
in society as having a defined and respected place. These emotions are what make us mortal, they are our most human elements, and create empathy. The research culminates in a collection of garments, a series of material renderings of the human condition and catharsis.

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