Veronica De Salvo

Department: Social Design

A Place for Trust

Italy’s young generation has lost trust in the institutions. According to statistics, almost 100,000 young Italians leave the country every year looking for better opportunities abroad. Can design have a role in overcoming this crisis of trust? Designers look for different ways of representing reality, and their role is to define alternative views, to work on the present by anticipating the future. A Place for Trust challenges design to define which tools can work as catalysts of a possible change in Italy.

Veronica de Salvo has made a series of videos that envision a possible better future: set in 2023, they show how Italy has changed in ten years, which tools have allowed this change and what role the young generation has had. The future scenario thus proposed will act as a tool itself, demonstrating the power of the present reality and how it can be changed in the following years.

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