Gabriela Baka

Department: Information Design

Ongoing Performance

Design should question the meanings of communication, especially in an age dominated by deceptive imagery, believes Gabriela Baka. Her research project Ongoing Performance, is about interpersonal communication and focuses on dialogue and hierarchical conditions. It looks at miscommunication and manipulation through image-creation tools in politics, business and the music industry. The project examines the mechanisms of social influence, especially regarding behavioural aspects of communication and their psychological consequences. Can design improve communication? Can it help to build relationships? Can it make people aware of the tools used to influence and manipulate people? For Gabriela, the answer is clear: only through a bottom-up approach to the dialogue can we achieve a real understanding of visual and verbal messages. In this way, communication can be redefined. She illustrates this in a video where she analyses and reenacts the Polish Presidential Election Debate from 1995 that marked the start of political marketing in Poland.

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