Teresa van Dongen

Department: Man and Well being


Ocean waves glowing blue in the dark of night − anyone who has ever experienced this knows how magical it looks. The phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent bacteria in seawater that emit light in response to oxygen and movement. This principle inspired Teresa van Dongen to combine her passion for design and biology in a bioluminescent light installation. Ambio balances two weights and a glass tube half-filled with a medium containing this unique bacteria. Give the lamp a gentle push every so often and the weights will keep it moving and glowing. Ambio hints at how we can use nature as a source of energy in daily life.
* Developed with Prof. M.J. Teixeira de Mattos (uva/Photanol), B.M. Joosse (TU Delft) and R.M.P. Groen (TU Delft).

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