Desiree van der Gracht

Prizes: Rene Smeets Award Nominee, Keep an Eye Grant Nominee

Department: Man and Communication

The future home

With the fast-paced lives we lead, we tend to be in an active mode most of the time. Many people have trouble unwinding when they come home after a busy day. Desiree van der Gracht researched what a home needs to have a calming effect on our minds, and designed this breathing textile, which can be incorporated in various products for the interior. An airbag that mimics a breathing pattern, ambient lighting and a controlling device are all integrated in this mohair and wool fabric. The quiet movement and the tactile surface that responds to the touch with a pleasant glow, have a soothing effect.

Realised with the help of Philips Design and the Textile Lab of Textielmuseum Tilburg

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Lisa Klappe