Beatrice Cordara

Department: Contextual Design


Media attention has become a dominating force within the design economy. Being visible has become the fuel of the design industry. Celebrity designers’ pieces are preserved and shown as art masterpieces. Designed objects were once real products. They are now often one-off pieces, props to be exhibited and photographed. Their role is to fill space in the media, raise the media profile of their creators and convey the name of brokers, sponsors and partners. Celebrated design objects are highly visible in the media, while physically absent from the conventional market. They are born to lie on pedestals, smile to cameras and shine in the spot-lights. They have been flattened becoming images of themselves. Since making products that only fit inside exhibitions, catalogues, and magazines is not what I expect from design and myself as a designer, the Unimagenary project is my attempt to escape from that image-made world usually called “the design world”. What will happen if all the images of that “design world” stop working? What will happen if they are all corrupted? Maybe designed objects will step outside the spotlight and walk in the real world again. I let photography flaws, errors, mistakes inspire me. I tried to translate them into materials and apply them to functional objects. The Unimagenary project asks you to get closer and to be experienced in the real world.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Mischa Haller