Martin Laforet

Department: Contextual Design


This investigation aims to explore the various potentials of producing an object made with the combination of a mould and its cast. It comes from a deep interest for moulds and for making. I consider the simultaneous presence of the mould and the cast more interesting than the cast itself. The first Idea was to put the mould out of its common context: the places of making.
The first part of this work forms the origins of the project. It takes form as a material and conceptual research about the relation of the mould and its cast. It appears that this cohabitation was interesting as information within the object itself, its aesthetic value and in the optimization of production.
The second part of this work is the analysis and development of this research, within the context of a maker/designer with limited production potential. In this way using the mould and the cast in the same object becomes a tangible working method.
This method has then been implemented with material production.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Lisa Klappe