Ines Fiegert

Department: Social Design

Weaving Transition

The context of the city is our everyday reality. However public space as a catalyst for personal connection is still an utopia. Emotional control causes people to retreat within their own private bubbles. The project’s main objective is to lay relations. It is an experimental space made within the scope of the Stadsakkers Eindhoven. The net structure is a physical and metaphorical connection between the space’s existing elements, its past, the local people and nature. Its temporary, structural landscape is a manifestation of the area’s state of transition. It leaves room for reminiscing the past, but at the same time allows the residents to use the void left behind by the demolition of the area to their benefit. The net creates an environment for communal collaboration and a social laboratory for local activities, services and discussion. It transforms the landscape of the Stadsakkers and also experiments with our traditional notion of space.

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