Graduation Project

Annegret Bönemann

Department: Social Design

Vivid Text

Annegret Bönemann has created an online communication tool that incorporates non-verbal aspects of person-to-person exchanges. ‘Vivid Text’ constitutes a step forward in text-based communication by incorporating the essence of a real conversation. It conveys emotions in the appearance of the letters and emulates the ephemeral qualities of a talk, for example by letting typed text disappear.
In this age of rapid technological and cultural change, people feel pushed to be their best self and be efficient in everything they do. Communicating via text is on the rise as a fast, computer-mediated modus for interaction. However, our desire to bond with others is just as strong. As Annegret says: “We love spending time together and interacting with every fibre of our bodies; using the full expressive capacity of our physique to make us feel whole.”
‘Vivid Text’ recognises users’ facial expressions and emotional responses, like laughter, and sensitively renders these in the typed message. The text disappears while reading, which prompts a commitment to the present, like in physical encounters. As messages are transferred letter-by-letter, it allows for real-time interruptions. Breaking with the dictates of efficiency, Annegret has empowered text-based communication to facilitate more complete ways of understanding each other.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Iris Rijskamp