Graduation Project

Guillaume Rousseaux

Department: Social Design


We are surrounded by sound. But how often do we consciously listen to everything we hear? Guillaume Rousseaux researched the way we interpret sound and how it triggers the imagination.
“If we close our eyes and just listen, we can begin to see through our ears,” he says. “With the transition from sound to sight we recreate our own interior landscape and mental visualisation, just like we imagine the world inside a book.”
For this purpose he created an augmented soundscape with a navigation device to find the way. ‘Stereotopia’ comes with a balance board that allows you to intuitively explore background noises from public or natural spaces. Cars, kids, church bells, birds, water or music − it’s all there. By shifting your weight, the sound changes. Lean the other way, and your story takes on a new direction. As you follow your intuition and play with the object, you’ll discover a brand new world.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Photo by Designer