Marijke Annema

Department: Man and Living

Dear House, may I pet you, tickle you, rub, sweep, pick at, wash scrub, scratch and stroke you…?)

By cleaning you get to know your house intimately, says Marijke Annema. Also: cleaning is an important part of being at home. For her project Dear House, may I pet, tickle, rub, sweep, pick, wash, scrub, scratch and stroke you…? she developed very special cleaning items. For example a glove with feathers that can be used as a precision duster, and a small broom of horsehair that is held together with a curved piece of wood. Cleaning equipment that extends the arm’s reach, narrows the fingers, and positions bristles in handy places. Equipment that should not be hidden away in dark cupboards. Annema: “I want to give these loving products the place they deserve.”

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Project-108 Marijke Annema
Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Lisa Klappe