Adrien Petrucci

Department: Contextual Design
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Reformed Objects

It is easy to always want more if you never have to sacrifice anything to get it. And so, consumerism can go unchecked, growing into rampant greed with no sense of what our mass consumption of goods is costing society or the environment. Reformed Objects are Adrien Petrucci’s response. By adding a degree of ritual sacrifice to attaining our material desires, he hopes people will gain a greater understanding of the effects of their consumptive drive.
In Petrucci’s series of designs, you have to destroy an object to create something new. A dressing table without a mirror gains a wooden mirror, but only if you chip away at the table itself and stick the scraps together to build it. “You have to pay for your vanity,” is his tongue-in-cheek explanation. Similarly, a wooden shelf can become a clock, but only if you surrender slivers of the original to make it. His designs illustrate that anything is possible, as long as you’re prepared to contribute something in return. In short, it’s a trade-off. Just as in religion, ritualistic offerings could help us to re-establish our priorities and adapt our lifestyle accordingly.

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Project-168 Adrien Petrucci
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Photographs: Vincent van Gurp