Feija Klinkhamer

Prizes: AlluMonde Ring

Department: Man and Living


Once, our bio-rhythm was determined by the sun: we got up at sunrise and went to sleep when the sun set. Now we spend our days inside school buildings, offices and houses that admit little natural light. LivingLight reintroduces the natural rhythm to our living environment by emulating all the stages of natural light. The lamp's ‘colour temperature’ affects the way we feel. It starts out with a brighter light, to make you feel full of energy. Later on in the day the light — like that of the sun as it sets — becomes warmer and redder, which will calm you down. Through these changes the LivingLight reinforces your sleep-wake cycle. Feija Klinkhamer has removed this form of phototherapy from the realm of medicine by shaping it into a beautiful interior object.


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Project-186 Feija Klinkhamer
Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Lisa Klappe