Maaike Fransen


Department: Man and Identity

I Used To...

In a short film Maaike Fransen browses through some pictures from her childhood and creates surprising sequels to the events of the past. Free associations and interpretations ensure there is a twist on every page. You see how as a child she used to feed the ducks, until she was bitten by one: in the film she herself then takes to the water as an ugly duckling. The sense of freedom associated with going camping is relived in an extraordinary design for a piece of clothing that can be set up to become a tent in no time at all. And out of the piece of knitwork she made as a young girl on her granny's sofa she creates a gigantic ottoman which she stuffs with loose strands of wool to make wild gestures. In I Used To..., the past, the present, the imagination and reality all meld together; every association is a feast for the eye.


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Project-199 Maaike Fransen
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