Rienke Bos

Department: Man and Activity


In South Africa Rienke Bos was introduced to the braai, a social event where everyone brings something to put on the barbecue. This Gardenbraai, which was inspired by that experience, will bring cosy warmth and good food to your garden, even if it is not the height of summer. You can use it as a barbecue, with the earthenware lid keeping the juices from evaporating and keeping the meat nice and succulent. But it is also a garden fireplace, which can be used to prepare a nice stew in the accompanying casserole while relaxing by the fire. Below the ashpan there is an additional drawer to keep any leftover coal, so that the next braai will be extra tasty.

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Project-222 Rienke Bos
Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: René van der Hulst