Bennie Meek

Department: Man and Public space

Landscape Scan N 51˚ 59.873

Bennie Meek has been looking for new perspectives on the Dutch landscape, creating a number of different inventories, including a ‘linear analysis’ of the view on the Eiland van Dordt. Studying the depth of the view from the water and from the bridges, he has mapped out his findings in an unusual atlas. And he has walked in a straight line from the coast to the German border, taking a picture of the view straight ahead every ten steps. In his stop-motion film Landscape Scan N 51˚ 59.873, the thousands of pictures provide an honest image of what you will find if you walk across the country without taking your lead from the infrastructure. A research into perspectives on the landscape that has created a new image of the Netherlands.


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Project-226 Bennie Meek
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