Femke Roefs

Department: Man and Activity


Instead of a quick slurp from a plain mug, drinking tea should once again become a relaxing ritual, according to Femke Roefs. In the great tea-drinking cultures of Japan and the Middle East, the beverage does more than just quench the thirst; it fulfils an important social role as well. With this in mind, Roefs created a mobile, bamboo tea trolley, complete with a hand-crafted copper kettle and accompanying heat source, plus room for cups, saucers, sweets and all sorts of teas. In short, the Tealightful trolley acts as a luxurious centrepiece to reintroduce a sense of occasion to this age-old custom, transforming the mundane into a moment worth savouring

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Project-262 Femke Roefs
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Photographs: René van der Hulst