Elma Roelvink

Department: Man and Leisure

Take your Pick around Town

“Lots of good things are sprouting in the city,” Elma Roelvink says. On the principle of ‘Take your Pick around Town’ she shows us the many ingredients for urban dishes we could find in our parks, flowerbeds and by the roadside. If you pull up a chair at her green table you can taste it for yourself: canapés with pesto made of Indian cress, toast with dandelion marmalade, or a glass of elderberry lemonade. There are plants growing in the grass on her table that many would think were weeds, but these, too, are edible. Just give them a good rinse and pick a recipe from, where you can also enter new picking grounds.

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Project-73 Elma Roelvink
Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Joost Govers