Noesjka Klomberg

Department: Man and Leisure


Picking up the leftovers in the farm fields with a big bag on your arm sporting the logo Food-Combers. This is how Noesjka Klomberg wants to bring consumers in touch with farmland. People pay €35 per year as members. In return they receive a log-in for the website, which lists the locations where food-combing is possible, plus a bicycle route to get there. Klomberg: “This project has three benefits wrapped into one: the leftovers are used, the farmer earns a little extra money — about €450 per year — and the consumer not only enjoys an affordable day out but also collects enough vegetables to feed an orphanage.”

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Project-90 Noesjka Klomberg
Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: René van der Hulst