Nik van Nuland

Department: Man and Public space

Courtyard Culture

The rapid expansion of the city of Eindhoven has created a lot of leftover space within the districts. Nik van Nuland would like to turn these unused spaces within the city into collectively used courtyards for the whole community. This is something that should not be decided from up high, he believes. By allowing the local residents to decide as much as possible in the planning of these spaces, they can personalise them — which is good for people’s involvement and for social cohesion. His extensive toolkit, which includes scale models of the available elements, offers a helping hand. There is a lot to choose from: ponds, benches, bowers, greenhouses, playground equipment, a climbing wall, a swimming pool, a full-size video screen or a whole dojo. The combinations are limitless and flexible. Courtyard Culture turns the gaps in Eindhoven’s urban fabric into unexpected places to relax, play and party with your neighbours.

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Project-92 Nik van Nuland
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Photographs: Vincent van Gurp