Marly van Lipzig

Department: Man and Identity
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The Architecture of Prints

With the trend towards 3D as her inspiration, Marly van Lipzig designed a fabric collection yielding eight ready-to-wear garments. For her Architecture of Prints, she obtained patterns by manipulating photos of old industrial constructions. This resulted in an interplay of lines embodying several different patterns simultaneously. These were in turn digitally printed on satin and jersey. In an extra silkscreen-printing step, the lines of the patterns were accentuated and a coating added in order to prevent the cut edges from fraying. Every piece of fabric contains a blueprint for two garments. A sewing machine is not required: all one needs to do is select a garment, cut it out and put it on.


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Project-96 Marly van Lipzig
Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Astrid Zuidema