project 'white bicycles with durable led-lighting'

project department Man & Leisure

The white bicycles and light project is a parody on the original white bicycles idea, which dates from Amsterdam, 1965. The plan was that free white bicycles without lock became collective property of the citizens. The bikes were meant to limit the air polution in the centre of Amsterdam.

The lighting of many bicycles is poor and frequently functions only partly, not at all or is even lacking. The assignment that the students of department Man & Leisure was given,
was to design and manufacture sturdy and durable bicycle lighting which:
- can be attached to the bicycle in a firm manner and has durable wiring;
- is equipped with LEDs (light emitting diode lifespan approximately 100,000 hours);
- does not use single use batteries, but obtains energy from a hand dynamo or solar cell in combination   with an accu that’s rechargeable. the bicycles will be donated to the city of Milan as a gift.