dutchness shop

Judith ter Haar is known as an international fashion buyer for her shop ‘Jones’ and curator of ‘Arnhem Coming Soon’, a platform for fashion and product design of Dutch origin, initiated by ArtEZ institute of arts. Both are situated in Arnhem.
Upon invitation of Alexander van Slobbe, Judith will present a curated shop with handpicked products of Dutch designers during Salone del Mobile. “It’s my personal choice, driven by emotion. I believe that nowadays only design inspired by personal heritage and love can make a difference. Products you will fall in love with instantly. They show a strong connection with both crafts, design and emotion."
All the products can be bought. Cherish them and take them home.

'Celadon plates'
Plates by Kiki van Eijk are made of celadon in it’s natural beautiful green colour. The decoration is based on Kiki’s stamped and sealed jewels. She developed the plates with a Thai company called Kasama, which she met through the company fair trade which works with them. Together with Kasama, Kiki developed the beautiful crafted and detailed objects with a very refined crack which celadon ceramics are known for. The plates are available in four different sizes. The plates will be presented at the dutchness shop.

Mara Skujeniece
Mara Skujeniece is a versatile designer who has based her studio in amsterdam. Her designs have integrity and a beautifull sence of simplicity. Important in her designs are the eye for subtilty, colour and sence of tactile characteristics, and the carefully followed process in every design Mara creates.
At this moment Mara is building succesfully on her product and interior design. Under the name ‘skujeniece’ she is working hard on expanding her design collection, in which she produces these products within her own company. Inspiration for her work is found in her Lethionian background.

'Gem Kingdom' with 'the happy baby'
Gem Kingdom was established in 1990, the enterprise is based in The Netherlands. Johanna Titselaar (1962, originally a painter) and Bernard Jongstra (1960, originally a musician) envisioned in 1990 a collection of jewellery comprising a concept of unorthodox materials within an original style. Sterling silver, gemstones, mother-of-pearl, cameos, engraved crystals, porcelain, wood and polyester, unified in designs which breathe individuality.
Gem Kingdom keeps growing and evolving, making each collection a natural reflection of today’s collective consciousness. Every design embodies contrasts, such as primal yet sophisticated, ethnic and the ultramodern, historical and futuristic. All this results in jewellery with a very personal touch and feel. Gem Kingdom jewellery is handmade taking the most delicate care and always incorporating high-quality materials.

autumn/winter 2009/2010 collection ‘blanco’
look 14 shirt ‘wicked hearts 02’ and skirt ‘two lovers 03’ ballpoint on calico