Stuffed’ is the initiative of a group of young, as well as established, designers, artists and entrepreneurs based at Strijp S in Eindhoven. In the exhibition dutchness they will present works inspired by the historical collection of animals belonging to the Milieu Educatie Centrum Eindhoven (MEC). Together with a selection of the MEC’s collection, the works will be shown during Salone del Mobile.  

Animals have not only been the starting point, but also a part of the exhibition. Stuffed has become a journey though the world of taxidermy, skin, living environment, the beauty of life and death, appearance and science.

The MEC owns a large collection of objects. What started as a bird collection grew to become a broad assortment of more than 70.000 pieces. Most of the animals are from the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant and have historical value. During the year only a few of them are exhibited while the rest remains a well-kept secret to the public. This consists of mammals and birds which are being carefully preserved in dozens of closets in the attic, insects are drawn up perfectly in glass frames, there are drawers full of eggs, and somewhere, you’ll find a lost amphibian in preservation liquids. Together they form a perfectly preserved biotope.
This historical archive formed the basis of the exhibition that will be presented at dutchness.

‘Stuffed’ was exhibited for the first time during the ‘Dutch Design Week 2008’. As most of the initiators are alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven, it feels well to connect stuffed to the renowned institute.

curators - christoph Brach and franke Elshout