Michiel Martens

Department: Man and Leisure


In his imagination, lampposts walk along with him, houses are able to breathe, and walls can get gooseflesh. In real life Michiel Martens has noticed a lack of such playfulness. “The world around me could do with a little more fairy dust. Products have become so unimaginative that they are no longer any fun.” With #FFFFLSSJ he demonstrates that things could be different. This toilet is anything but standardised: no rigid white plastic cistern, but a multicoloured water-bag that flushes with a mighty roar, shrinks and then grows bigger again. The flexible rubber toilet bowl can be mounted onto any chair; the user can decide for himself which offers the best seat. #FFFFLSSJ turns a visit to the toilet into an adventure.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Project-9 Michiel Martens
Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: René van der Hulst