Marie Caye


Department: Food Non Food

The Last Job on Earth

NoLoSo Bar
Via Varanini, 5

by Studio Arvid & Marie

More food for thought? Head to local bar NoLoSo, where the duo’s performative installation The Last Job On Earth anticipates a time when humans and machines converge. “The interactive installation links artificial minds to human bodies,” says Caye, who invites us to take a seat across from the machine and learn from its behavior. “As human and machine learn to understand each other, the difference between the two will start to blur.” TLJOE is a fictional situation, yet “the conversation between the visitors of the installation and the program is real and unique every time,” she says. “We hope that the store owners and bar visitors will miss their respective competitor and conversation partner after they’re gone.”

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photograph(s): Femke Rijerman
Venu Photograph(s): Nicole Marinati