Irene Stracuzzi


Department: Information Design

Misinformation Times

Edicola – Newsstand
Piazza Morbegno

In this age of fake news, can we believe all that we read? And what role does graphic design play in adding weight to the insubstantial and the undocumented? Irene Stracuzzi hopes to prompt people to ask such questions with her rather timely Misinformation Times, a new title joining the newspapers for sale at the Piazza Morbegno newsstand.

“Misinformation Times contains real news about fake news,” says its creator. “False information is presented in an aesthetic and attractive package, forcing users to concentrate more on the meaning and the truthfulness or falsehood of what they are reading.”

Everyday objects like newspapers are underrated in terms of their design, Stracuzzi believes, precisely because they are so ubiquitous. Her project provokes a reconsideration of the paper as a crafted and designed object. “Misinformation Times doesn’t discuss any preconceived notion of design, but challenges the viewer to question the role of graphic design in spreading information, both true and false,” she says.

Her hope is that Misinformation Times “will encourage people to develop a more critical attitude towards the news they hear or read. It would be nice if the newspaper were integrated into normal life like a 'real' newspaper, and recycled in a variety of ways.”

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Venu Photograph(s): Nicole Marinati