Alice Guidi

Hello, World!

In Hello, World!, Alice Guidi takes a dumpster dive into the digital detritus created after the unceremonious closure of GeoCities by Yahoo in 2009.

Founded in 1994, GeoCities was a free service that allowed anyone to create their own page on the World Wide Web. Five years later, it was the world's third most-visited website and was bought by Yahoo! for around $4 billion. Following a string of unfortunate events – including accusations of the sale of personal data – Yahoo! closed GeoCities and decided to delete its 38million user-generated pages.

Digital archivists swore to preserve as much as they could. Ten years later, millions of pages are available to download online. Guidi uses the contemporary social-media phenomenon of the hashtag to resurface data from this digital junkyard.

Quantitative Data Analysis
Diego Alberici

With thanks to
The Archive Team, GeoCities Archive

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