Johanna Seelemann


Fractional Object

Thousands of brand new cars were scrapped after the diesel emissions scandal in 2008, which revealed that manufacturers had been violating the Clean Air Act. This mass trashing has accelerated the transition from the internal combustion engine to electric battery power, creating opportunities for car makers to capitalise on the shift away from fossil fuels with new concepts for the future of transport.

Since the 1920s, the automotive industry has used idealised futures to sell products. It has also refined the art of obsolescence, both in function and in desirability. With every new concept, an old model becomes obsolete.

Video footage filmed at the International Automotive Fair (IAA)

Car Junk Support
René Hartmann, Seik Automobil Recycling GmbH

Johanna Seelemann explores the car's relationship with the consumer market, presenting potential techno-fossils that might be produced by the transition to renewable energy and autonomous vehicles alongside contemporary automotive junk.

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