Lara Chapman


An Archaeology of Aviation Superpowers: The Mojave Boneyard

Aviation is a complex multi-billion-dollar business dominated by a few powerful companies. Entangled with national politics, manufacturing duopolies and oligopolies, cloaked negotiations, international trade and treaties, military operations and anti-trust immunity, the opacity and scale of this industry makes it difficult to comprehend for the average traveller.

At the end of a planes life, these massive technological objects often end up in the industry’s unique dumping grounds – known as aircraft boneyards – where they are stored, resold, dismantled for parts or scrapped.

Using satellite imagery and working with plane spotters to identify models, manufacturers and owners, Lara Chapman approaches the Mojave Aircraft Boneyard like an archaeologist, revealing concentrations of power in the aviation world plane by plane.

Plane Spotting and Identification
Lance Broad and Tim Johns

Aviation Datasets and Archives Advisor
Beau Chenery

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