Dorota Gazy and Shay Raviv

Chiefs of Waste

Informal waste-pickers perform between 50 and 100 percent of waste collection in most cities in developing countries, according to the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat). Waste picking fills the gaps where formal systems have failed and provides a livelihood for millions of people.

In Chiefs of Waste, Gazy and Raviv embark on a global investigation that delves into the changing worlds of waste pickers in Mexico City and Bangalore, uncovering the networks, actors and structures that span the blurry lines between formal and informal systems.

Bringing together a selection of artefacts used by waste pickers and the stories behind them, the installation uncovers invisible structures of labour and an alternative narrative of waste.

Design Research, Mexico City
Studio José de la O: José de la O, Andrea Michael De la Peña

Design Research, Bangalore
Quicksand: Babitha George, Pollyanna Moss, Vinodh Kumar

Design Research Support
STBY: Bas Raijmakers, Geke van Dijk, Megan Anderson, Femke Kocken, Nina Stegeman

Studio Pim Top

Graphic Design Support
DUO44: Michèle Degen & Julia Schäfer

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