Fred Erik

A Waste of Energy?

Deadstock – the leftover garments that fashion brands fail to sell – is a growing problem. Fred Erik explores one alleged solution in Västerås, a city north-west of Stockholm, where deadstock from a major fashion company is burnt to generate power.

Global warming is often blamed for the increasing volume of clothing waste, with changing weather making it difficult to predict what people will buy. Burning unsold clothes is a common solution, with waste-to-energy power plants being touted as creating "clean energy".

In A Waste of Energy? Fred Erik presents the lifespan of a piece of clothing, from raw material to deadstock, amplifying the absurdity of this contemporary phenomenon where products that consume masses of energy in production are destroyed under the banner of sustainability.

With thanks to
The staff of the Mälarenergi waste-to-energy power plant, Västerås, Sweden

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