The Unchecked Chain

In 1994, Campania’s garbage-collection crisis became so great that the entire waste-management chain was placed under the administration of an Extraordinary Government Commission. An illegal waste industry emerged, revealing relationships between criminal organisations, Italian businessmen and corrupt politicians.

Accumulated waste has transformed the suburban landscape in north-west Naples, creating a junk district where garbage has been stored for almost 15 years. Through a multi-channel video installation, Tellurico juxtaposes political rhetoric with personal stories from people involved in the waste industry, alongside images of illegal dumping and the new geography of rubbish in the fields outside Naples. Combined, they reveal the complexity and absurdity of this junk scenario, shining a spotlight on junk's power structures and its impact on the wellbeing of communities.

Luca Baylon

Video Editing
Gabriele Mariotti

Subtitle Translation
Giulio Fuzzi

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven