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The Relationship is no Longer Garbage

In 2019, Canada repatriated 69 containers of junk following a six-year diplomatic incident with the Philippines that led to threats of war. The waste was falsely declared as plastic for recycling.

Junk has become a valuable resource for the production of goods, creating a global trade in waste that constantly adapts to changing legislation. In 2018, China banned the import of foreign waste. Now, plastic rubbish is being diverted to countries that do not have a developed waste-management infrastructure, creating potential economic opportunities and environmental disasters.

Karin Fischnaller and Mar Ginot Blanco transform information from the UN's Comtrade database into a graphic that tracks the junk trade alongside a conversation between the President of the Philippines and the Canadian Prime Minister made possible through video editing.


UN Monthly Comtrade

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Global News Canada

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