Hsuan-Tzu Liu

Department: Contextual Design

Hidden Truths

Sometimes the hidden parts of an object are actually the most functional, beautiful, and valuable of all, believes Hsuan Tzu Liu. Illustrating this idea, she draws a parallel with theatre. If objects are like plays, then every part has a role in the story. Yet, in a performance, those who make the play happen are hidden behind a curtain. They have a key role, but are never noticed or valued. With Hidden Truths, Hsuan rewrites the ‘play’ to let those neglected, important parts become the main character.
Hsuan applies this idea to lighting. She selects the simplest functional parts to create a beautiful effect, giving copper wires, resistors and LEDs a leading role. The final object has the typical dome shape of a lamp, but this dome is the light source itself. Copper wires and LEDs delicately give the device a totally different definition. The hidden functional parts now shine like stars.

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