Elise van Mourik


Prizes: Rene Smeets Award Nominee, Keep an Eye Grant Nominee, Connect Ring

Department: Man and Living


Nothing changes as quickly as current fashion. The production process, however, is nowhere nearly as flexible: current production methods are rigid, labour-intensive, bad for the environment, and time-consuming. Elise van Mourik has devised a production method more in line with the end product. She has now made rapid manufacturing suitable for the clothing industry: not 3D printing but 3D knitting. The designer becomes producer, and can make a pre-programmed clothing article on the spot. Material and shape come readymade out of the machine, off one single production run. This tiny factory can respond instantly to its surroundings and deliver ever-changing products. Prints turns the clothing industry into a small-scale, local and environmentally friendly affair.

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Project-138 Elise van Mourik
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Photographs: Lisa Klappe