Jo Szczepanska

Department: Social Design

Landscape Linen

Being ill is no fun. To add some cheer, reduce stress, and help people back on the road to recovery more quickly, Jo Szczepanska created some very special bedcovers: Landscape Linnen. Research has shown that distraction minimises the amount of pain a patient experiences. And so, she devised a special blanket printed with games and puzzles. It comes complete with colourful markers so both patient and visitors can spend quality time drawing on this warm, soft canvas. “It’s about having an experience beyond the bed, inviting social interaction and stimulating a positive approach to illness,” she says. Made from bamboo, the blanket even has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In addition, sensors in pillows and sheets allow doctors to monitor the heart rate and sleep patterns remotely, while a patient recuperates at home.
With her Health Codex, Szczepanska has taken her interest in alleviating illness one step further. The codex is a combination of a medical dossier, filing system and personal scrap book, all in one. It features everything from general calming techniques to humorous postcards to send friends and family. With both projects, she reveals that design can play a healthy role in the healing process.

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Project-149 Jo Szczepanska
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Photographs: Mieke Meesen