Marie Caye


Prizes: Rene Smeets Award Nominee, Melkweg Award Winner

Department: Food Non Food


Mercato – Market
Viale Monza, 54

by Studio Arvid & Marie

The value we give a thing — whether a product or a service — is determined largely by ourselves. We can, however, just about anticipate a world that no longer revolves (only) around us. The so-called post-Anthropocene era will be influenced by non-human life. For a preview, visit SAM, a Symbiotic Autonomous Machine serving drinks at Mercato Comunale Monza at the corner of Via Crespi.

SAM mixes and sells drinks, earning money, yet currently lacks any legal status. Why, actually? Marie Caye and Arvid Jense wonder. “SAM is not a piece of fiction,” they say. “The robot is real, working and earning money. If it doesn’t make much income, SAM might die from a lack of electricity.” SAM’s struggle to survive is real, they stress. “SAM trying to make a living in a human world is as ‘everyday’ as it gets,” says Caye, who programmed the specific SAM present at this year’s Salone to serve kombucha.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photograph(s): Femke Rijerman
Venu Photograph(s): Nicole Marinati