Adams Ponnis

Department: Man and Mobility


Somewhere on Via Crespi

In the city, we take electricity for granted. From streetlights to trams to WiFi networks, it invisibly powers our urban lives. On Via Crespi, the Skaut wind turbine is a visual reminder of our need for energy. Compact and mobile, Skaut perches on existing street elements. Initially designed for remote areas with off-the-grid electricity needs, its presence here shows that “energy is everywhere, and everyone can harvest it,” in the words of its creator Adams Ponnis.

Conceived as a sustainable alternative to noisy and polluting diesel generators, Skaut gives users the option of being truly independent from existing infrastructure. It attaches easily to linear structures like streetlights or trees, requires no construction, and fits in easily with any surroundings. Its blades could even feature urban signage or advertising.

“By using energy produced by the wind turbine, visitors and locals can become more aware of how electricity is produced, and where the energy actually comes from,” says Ponnis. “Skaut shows that there are always multiple alternatives for local and global energy problems. In this case, the solution is small, but its impact could be large.”

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photograph(s): Iris Rijskamp
Venu Photograph(s): Nicole Marinati