Giacomo Nanni and Julian Peschel

Tracking and Trashing: The Oceanic Pole of Undefined Liability

Space junk is usually associated with the ring of debris orbiting our planet, but it often reenters the atmosphere. The proliferation of controlled splashdowns of orbital craft in the Pacific Ocean has been brought to wider attention through coverage of Point Nemo, also known as the Spacecraft Cemetery. This site has become a chaotic dumping ground, framed by a complex legal dilemma around environmental damage.

Tracking and Trashing: The Oceanic Pole of Undefined Liability offers a counter-narrative to the idea that space junk is just an orbital issue.

Using video, bathymetric modelling and infographics, Giacomo Nanni and Julian Peschel translate news coverage, legal documents and geodata from agencies like NASA and the European Space Agency, into a layered story of the past, present and potential future of Point Nemo.

3D-Model Adjustments and Printing
Gianmaria Della Ratta
Michele Rendesi

Sound Design
Meltem Kalayci

Detlef Neuls

Exhibition Renderings and Measurements
Gülcan Çelik

Inside Information
Germano Bianchi (Stazione Radioastronomica di Medicina)

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