Minji Choi


Naturalised Junk

Over €250 million has been spent in The Netherlands in attempts to eradicate the American Black Cherry, a species introduced in 1740 as a decorative tree. Once considered potentially lucrative, the tree has been through a series of identity shifts framing it first as a saviour and then as a pariah in the management of native woodland.

Minji Choi explores the Black Cherry’s negative reputation, linking it to changes in industry, the romanticisation of nature and political and economic crises. Pieces of Black Cherry taken from the Oerle Forest in North Brabant are arranged around three digital screens that together offer an overview of the tree's history and current position, explaining its transformation in status from natural ornament to forest junk.

Bart Nyssen, Forest Ecologist, Bosgroep Zuid
Jan Rots, Region Manager De Kempen, Bosgroep Zuid
Jan Den Ouden, Professor, Forest Ecology and Forest Management, Wageningen University
Hanneke Jelles, Head of Education, Hortus Botanicus Leiden, University Leiden

Research Advisor
Maxime Benvenuto

Infographic Design and Animation
Suk Go

Documentary Camera
Donghwan Kam

Financial Support
Stimuleringfonds Creative Industry NL

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