Studio Plastique

Common Sands

The microwave oven is a technologically advanced appliance used all over the world to warm or cook food. In Common Sands, this icon of consumer electronics becomes a starting point to investigate the international production and disposal of silicate junk.

Silicates are created from natural sand and include glass, glass fibre, silicon and a range of other materials that are difficult for the layperson to identify. They are a key material in the design of most electronic devices, making them an essential pillar of contemporary culture, but they are rarely recycled.

Using the rich global tradition of sand drawing, Studio Plastique reveals the life cycle of the microwave and its silicate components, circumventing the techniques used by industries to alienate users from the reality of production and disposal.

Information and Insight into WEEE Recycling
Electrocycling, Germany
Renewi Group (Recydel & Coolrec), Belgium and The Netherlands

Information and Insight into Sand Mining
Shanks, Belgium

Information and Technical Advice on Silicate Waste
U Mons

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