Martin Sallières

Department: Man and Activity


WHAT This concept shoe is made from a single thread of polyurethane. Inspired by the open and strong webs that spiders build, Martin Sallières experimented with 3D-weaving techniques, creating a similar structure for footwear design. WOW By tweaking the properties of the material, variations in density, flexibility and thickness become possible. The mesh is created with a constant back and forth movement along the shoe last; by heating the result, the shoe keeps its form after removing the mould. WHY This shoe is like a concept car, made to push limits, change trends and explore the future. The initial experiments are just as important as the final outcome, showcasing a new approach to footwear design. QUOTE Why make a shoe out of different pieces and materials?

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Nicole Marnati